About Us


Mildura has changed a lot in the past six decades….and it has certainly grown. The Old Mill is gone, so too is the Murray Moon. The Ozone and the Astor are consigned to history, and the department stores Bowrings, Shillidays and Maples are just memories. The ‘Langtree Avenue Cowboys’ no longer ‘cut laps’ their way barred by the development of the newly revamped Langtree Mall and the 15th and 16th Street drive-ins are no more. People too have come and gone, but through all the change there has been at least one constant Collie & Tierney, a name synonymous with real estate in Sunraysia.

George Collie Snr and Frank Tierney Snr were both working as real estate agents in 1950s Mildura and kept crossing paths regularly…remember Mildura was a lot smaller place in those days! The pair became great mates, looking after each other’s interests when one or the other was on holidays,or otherwise unable to undertake the task at hand. They were destined to team up, and they did, forming the Collie & Tierney partnership in the early 1950s. It was a collaboration fated to succeed, with George initially concentrating on rural property and machinery sales, while Frank’s focus was residential sales, valuing and auctioneering. The pair always maintained that their success was due in no small measure to them being best mates. In time, their respective sons, George Jnr and Frank Jnr, would follow in their fathers’ footsteps, further strengthening a flourishing family business. And they too, would go on to leave an indelible mark on the real estate industry here.

Collie & Tierney have been involved in so many of the ‘big deals’ done to facilitate Mildura’s expansion during the past 65 years it would be nigh on impossible to list them all, but some standouts include the Mildura Centre Plaza (now Mildura Central) development; Kmart and the Coles New World Supermarket; Sovereign Park Estate and the Deakin Boulevard Estate.

The company joined the First National Real Estate network in 1984, further extending its capabilities to work for its clients, and reserving a seat at the cutting edge of the industry. Collie & Tierney is a company that has spent the past 65 years looking forward, and relishing the challenges along the way. The firm has carved itself an enviable reputation for honesty and integrity in all its dealings, and the current directors see no reason to change a formula that has underpinned its industry success for so long. However, some change is a fact of life, and Collie & Tierney have always had the foresight and the flexibility to embrace changes in the industry, especially technological change. There is no doubt real estate is a much-changed industry in the 21st century. But, while it is relatively easy to fast track the integration of new technologies for example, there is one thing that no amount of technological wizardry can account for experience. Experience is earned… it takes time and effort, and it is something the Collie & Tierney team is very proud of their track record of industry success stretching back to the middle of last century. And, they have a proverbial ‘cupboard full of silver’ to prove it! With 65 years behind them, today’s Collie & Tierney First National Real Estate team has the experience much of it passed down from the founders that will stand them in good stead for the next six decades.